Monday, December 7, 2015

What are You Waiting For?

What are You Waiting for? 

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of fellowshipping with a few young adult ladies.  As we were going around sharing, Mara, shared about a gift the LORD gave her during her devotion time, and prayer. 

In answer to her prayer, the LORD told her to be present, stop waiting to live for Him. Not that she should stop making plans, but more that ‘today is the day’, and really, all we have is the present. He is present, and He calls us to live for Him in the now.  Not after the next semester, or when things are more stable, or after graduation, or after….but now.  Keep alert; He is at work now, and inviting each of us into what He is doing now.

Interesting, each of the other young women in the group had been meditating on a similar theme. To top it off, this morning’s Advent message was about waiting.

This thread of waiting percolated in my own thoughts.  Advent is all about being mindful of anticipation of Christ’s birth, and thinking of all the faithful who, before that time, waited.  We celebrate His coming, and our anticipation is in when He comes again, and when we return to Him.

With this waiting, there is anticipation. Each of these ancient faithful lived in the moment, but those outstanding ones, whose torches burned most bright, knew how to live for Him daily.

In daily life, seasons of life- we are most likely to put God off, into the future; “I’ll live for Him when I get out of school; I’ll live for Him after I get the promotion I want; I’ll live for Him when I’m financially secure; I’ll live for Him when I feel better; I’ll live for Him after I quit using; I’ll live for Him after I get married….”

He waits for us.

Meanwhile, we miss out on all that He is doing in this very moment, all around us; wanting us to join in, if even ‘only’ to enjoy the moment with Him, and give Him thanksgiving.

I think this can be especially true at Christmastime.  Many of us are so concentrated on getting everything ‘just right’; making the children happy; serving the perfect food; having the perfect table setting; best decorations; most fun gatherings…  But, for most of us, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect Christmas’.  We live in a broken world, where there are broken relationships, people get sick, things break, plans change, resources are limited, loved ones are gone, or miles away…

No matter how well we plan, stuff can happen.

If we are waiting to ‘celebrate Christmas’ until everything is just-right- we will likely miss out on many joyous moments. 

So, what are you waiting for?  If you are waiting for an invitation- here it is, “Come.”  Come, let us adore Him. Come, taste and see that the LORD is good.”  Today is the day of salvation.” 

Keep your heart and mind stayed on Him daily, even moment-by-moment, be alert. He is at work now, and He wants you to open your eyes to see what He is doing; He wants you to open your ears to what He is saying to you; He wants you to live for Him, and to be willing to join in on a mission of service, perhaps to someone right next to you- to share that:

He is Hope,

He is Joy,

He is Peace,

He is mercy,

He is grace…

He is here.


Don’t wait!

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