Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Yes, I wear a mask.  

A Vogmask N95*, actually. 

I've worn a mask for years. 

Well before Covid came onto the scene, I have had to wear a mask. 

A part of me thought there would be a little more room for understanding; less getting 'the look'.

Sadly- as Covid rose, so did people's opinions and emotions.  Some going as far as to make wearing/not wearing a mask The Line In The Sand- on which to take a Stand. 

Now, if you know me at all, you know I hold a lot of strong convictions!   I also hope you would find that along with those convictions, I seek to show love through, and above my convictions.  

We never really know the conditions of all those around us, at any one time, in any one place.  We usually go into most circumstances with the lenses of our presuppositions and convictions- aka, logs (Mtt 7:3; Lk 6:41)   

Even if/when we believe we are 'right'- we need to let Love lead us. (1 Cor. 13:1) 

#bekind  #iwearamask #letlovelead

(*I have no agreement with Vogmask; I simply use their product.) 

SSHR 2021 cynthia dainsberg

 Words from the Heart

The last note my mom wrote. 

It is a keepsake. 

She'd suffered a severe stroke, taking much of her speech and motor skills. Still, she worked hard, and recovered a goodly amount of speech, and practiced with her usually weak side, to now use as her strong side. 

One of her assignments was to practice writing.  If she HAD to  put energy into writing- she would make each mark count! 

To whom would she write- A note to her family. 

What would she write- of her love, for her family, and her favorite season- spring. 

Oh the effort in each pen stroke. 

The messages were clear:  her fortitude; her love for her family; she chose to look out her window, beyond her dark room-  and chose enjoy/rejoice in seeing the sun and signs of spring. 

She was looking beyond her circumstances; looking out not just with her eyes, but with her heart and spirit. She saw more. 

What am I looking at today?

Will I choose to look beyond that which I only see with my eyes-  beyond myself, beyond my circumstances?  

Will I let those around me know how much they mean to me?

Will I exercise fortitude?

Will I look out, look forward- look for my own signs  of spring- renewing; refreshing...

LORD, fill us with Strength to not only meet the need of this day, but fill us with anticipation of the future promises You've given to us- when All Things Will Be Made New. Thank You for those you've given to us, in love- may they know today, how valuable they are to us~  Fill us with your peace and joy, according to Your Great Mercy-  amen. 

- cynthia 

SSHR 2021