Friday, March 26, 2021


10 Seeds to Grow a Lighter Heart 


                                                        _        Look for something PURE

               _        Look for something HONORABLE  

_        Look for something GOOD

       _        Look for something MIRTHFUL

        _        Look for something BEAUTIFUL

     _        Look for something INSPIRING

          _        Look for something WHOLESOME

        _        Look for something SALUBRIOUS

            _        Look for something CELEBRATORY

                               _        Look for 3 things for which you are GRATEFUL

        Bonus Seeds: 

        _     Practice forgiveness, as necessary

                                           _        SHARE at least three of these with three people- (call, msg, text, write a letter…)

Gardening Basics:

Good soil- a heart open to be lighter.

Plant these seeds-  Make your own list.

Water the seeds- Do them daily.

Let the light in- we don’t ignore the past, but we can choose to not let the past have power over or present.  Be present.  Choices today, will impact your future. 

Find a garden partner- find someone who will also grow their Lighter Heart; agree to check in regularly (put it on your calendar).  Each of you share at least one insight/something most impactful,  that especially Lightened Your Heart. Stay present and engaged in your Garden Partner’s story. Keep present- don’t go over past/old-ground, or opine about possible future… Enjoy this Present-time. Agree to your next time to meet; put the meeting on your calendar.

If you need further direction in identifying the seeds, consider these explanations-

Pure- truth, clarity, innocent, high in quality,

Honorable-upright, dignified, noble, illustrious, worthy,

Good- satisfying, morally excellent; proper, kind, worthy, reliable

Mirthful- joyous, cheerful; merry, amusing; good humored

Beautiful- delights the senses or mind; wonderful, very pleasing, excellent of its kind

Inspiring- exalting influence, ‘takes our breath’, divine influence, fills our senses, stirring, uplifting

Wholesome- conducive to moral/general well-being; beneficial; sound

Salubrious- promotes good health; healthful

Celebratory- praise, exult, commemorate, honor with ceremony/festivity

Gratitude (include forgiveness) – being, and expressing- gratefulness or thankfulness

Forgiveness- disables the power of a wrong done to us (it doesn’t dissolve the wrong, but, it does disable the power of the act upon us)

-cynthia dainsberg Sparrow Song Health Resources, Inc 2021