Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Joy to You"


I learned yesterday, that 'Greetings', in New Testament Greek, means "Joy to you"! 

'Greetings' has been a favorite way of starting a correspondence for some time- and now I like it even more!  

Currently, I am going to a Bible study with my daughter which is studying the New Testament of James- and it is led (via DVD) by Beth Moore.  We've only started, and last night we camped out on the first verse. 

James' name is actually an English translation of the name Jacob, which makes sense, as James/Jacob was a Jew by birth...his parents were famously- Mary and Joseph.  (Yes, that makes James the elder half-brother of Jesus.)  Although James didn't believe his half-brother to be Messiah until after Jesus' death and resurrection- he did come to believe in Jesus as Lord and the Messiah...  making James a 'Christian Jew', with a remarkable perspective.

Now I am beginning the next section of study for the upcoming lesson, and we are looking at James 1:2-4 "Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.  And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be prefect and complete, lacking in nothing."

Yep- James doesn't beat around the bush- he hits us right where many of us are living: with various trials!  We could substitute any number of things in there as a trial: finances, health, relationships, dealing with doctors...just getting out of bed for an hour! 

Just there in verse one- James says 'Greetings' - Joy to you!- and goes right into 'considerate all joy'....all joy!  Even if today you feel crappy, the bills are mounting, no one seems to understand, you are lonely, you hurt, you are grieving....So many 'robbers' of joy stealing into your heart to try to make off with your treasure (perhaps more succinctly: a buried treasure)!  

The treasure my Dear One- is the joy of knowing that you are His Beloved!  That no matter what circumstances befall us- we are not truly alone; the LORD has promised to be faithful, and as He is present in us- then in Him we have peace, safety,!  Nothing in fact that any 'robber' is able to take from us- unless we give those things over to the robbers of discontent, fear, doubt... 

Our security must be rooted in knowing the Lord (Master) Jesus Christ (Messiah).  That 'know-that-I-know-that-I-know' kinda knowing.  Our default must be set on Him- not our emotions, not our circumstances- but on Him and His Word. 

Today- whatever kind of day it is for you; whatever the moment; whatever the circumstance- I say with my heart to yours-  GREETINGS!  Joy to you!  May the One Who Is Joy bless your heart/soul/mind in whatever travail you are experiencing-- as you give Him the sacrifice of your praise--may His Holy Spirit lift your's up, and fill you with His Joy~  may 'endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be prefect and complete, lacking in nothing' 

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