Sunday, October 28, 2012

Healing, Wellness, Wholeness

Healing, Wellness, Wholeness~

Been a 'achey' week- So thankful for Epsom Salts!  ;) 

Being ill for so many years is draining in so many ways.  In our Sunday School class, we have been going through a DVD presentation called "Comforting the Afflicted' by Dr. Tony Evans.  I've gleaned a lot from his lessons these past weeks.  Today's lesson was impressed on my heart to share~

In this note, I won't be able to cover everything Dr. Evans does.  If you have an opportunity, I'd encourage you to find his DVD series and go through it yourself- or even better, with a small group of people.  The lesson today is entitled "To Be Made Whole"

The primary biblical texts are taken from Matthew 9, Mark 5, and Luke 8.  Particular to this message are Luke 8:40-49  and Mark 5:25-34   Theses passages recount a time in Jesus' life in which he is on his way, by foot, traveling to Jarius' home in response to Jarius'  daughter. 

As typical at this point in Jesus' earthly journey, there is a large crowd moving with him; so tightly packed together , the crowd is pressing in upon Him. 

As He makes his way along, and through the crowd- He perceives power going out of Him.  Here is a woman who has been bleeding for 12 years, who has determinedly made her way to reach Jesus- in her mind convinced that if she can only touch the hem of His gown, she would be healed. 

Indeed- she touches His hem, most likely a tassel sewn there, on a rabbi's robe, to represent God's Word...and she is immediately healed, the bleeding stops. 

(Sometime, I think I'll Blog about my view on healing- but for now- I will move on because there is more here to consider.) 

Jesus notices her, affirms her to the crowd and she shares with them that she is healed.  Then, in a private moment- she tells Jesus 'the rest of her personal story'-- As she leaves, He says to her, " Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your affliction."

Most of us can relate to the woman as she approaches Jesus-  she is weak, diminished; she has multiple loss issues- she has not only been hemorrhaging physically, but she's likely bled-out socially, financially..spiritually....    (Where are you 'bleeding' today?  Are you feeling 'diminished'?)

In her weakness, having no more human resources to which she can turn, focuses on reaching this person, Jesus.  Just to touch His robe will be enough for her.  She humbles herself, even to bend low, and she grabs His hem/tassel- in effect she not only is reaching out to Him personally, but for the written Word of God as well.

Dr. Evan points out-  If we only grab hold of the Written Word: we have Truth, but no Life.
If we grab only for the Life, but not the Written Word: we have Life, but no Truth.
When you have the Living Word and grab hold of the Written Word, you have LIFE & TRUTH. "When the Living Word (Jesus) gets connected to the Written Word (Bible)--> you get the operational power of the Word." 

This woman was not just another person in the crowd, not just a 'fan of Jesus' '....she came to personally seek Him out, He touched her life- and she left being known to Him as His daughter...and well.

Wellness here is in the sense of 'wholeness'.  Some people come to Jesus for healing, but not for wholeness.   Jesus is most concerned with our spiritual well-being, our wholeness.  We can be very ill, and yet be well/whole.   There are times when healing doesn't come immediately, or at all...

but when we meet with Jesus in a personal way, by faith, acknowledging our own sinful nature, believe in His death and resurrection unto our salvation---  we can be truly whole, we can be well...  

Any time we hit those rough patches in life- we can go to the Source of Life-  and He will remind us that He came that we might have life, and have it abundantly (John 10:10), irregardless of circumstance.  

Today- I need to call out to Jesus, and grab hold of His Word-  This past week I have felt more like the woman at the beginning- diminished in so many ways...but the Truth is, that in relationship to Jesus- I have an abundant life!   

May His person, and His Word together empower you today; may those aspects of your life that have been diminished, be reclaimed by Our Precious Lord- and His Life, in abundance, flow through you~  


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