Friday, February 15, 2013


Misunderstood?  An understatement for those in the Lyme Fight.

Misunderstood by nurses, doctors, co-workers, friends, family...ha, we don't even really understand it all ourselves a lot of the time!

It is so wearing, especially when you are already so fatigued, to feel a sense of needing to explain or defend yourself to others... This is a real thing, whether others believe it, or understand it, or not.

A friend of mine was going through a rough patch, and in her morning devotions were these verses from the Old Testament book of Isaiah:

Isaiah 41:11-13

New Living Translation (NLT)
11 “See, all your angry enemies lie there,
confused and humiliated.
Anyone who opposes you will die
and come to nothing.
12 You will look in vain
for those who tried to conquer you.
Those who attack you
will come to nothing.
13 For I hold you by your right hand—
I, the Lord your God.
And I say to you,
‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.
Ever feel like this some days-  like those who misunderstand can be felt to be an enemy?   I'm not saying we should wish them ill, but the principles here in Isaiah are the take aways-
That God understands- He does not misunderstand you.  He knows very well what is going on, in all truth, and in all dimensions of your life right now!
He knows the people who misunderstanding us-  we can do what we can, but ultimately- we need to let God be our Defender; to take care of the others' understanding, and how they react to us. 
Don't use your precious energy on all the negative emotions and thoughts that you can have in response to those who misunderstand.  It isn't worth it.  Our energy is better spent in growing closer to the LORD, fighting Lyme, and  healing.
One of our fears is being misunderstood; with good reason- as may of us have been hurt deeply by being misunderstood.  We are hair-triggered with this fear- which translates to even reacting as being misunderstood/expecting to be misunderstood...maybe even denying someone who really does understand, at least to some degree.
Remember though- our LORD God-is here to help us.  He holds us by His right hand.  We need not fear.  We need not have our defences up and gloves on. 
We can rest in Him, and allow those energies to be spent on being in His presence, and for healing.  
Just thinking of that makes me want to take a nice long deep breath of relief. 
Thank you LORD God for being with us.  That whenever we feel misunderstood- we don't have to let it get to us, or get us down...but we can take the situation and person to You, and trust that according to Your Love, Mercy and Justness, You will  take care of us....You will be our Defender- while we rest in who You are....and hold onto Your strong and gentle right hand.... amen.

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