Thursday, September 19, 2013

Confidence & Strength

Oh what a morning-  this was to be my 'recovery day' after a full day yesterday (for a Lyme Fighter at least). Felt relatively okay this morning; had my to-do list ready...  Now it is almost mid-afternoon, and there sits the list, not a thing crossed off it. 

What I have had is one-thing-after-another of interuptions/irritations.  Like, in trying to download a new update on my device- I lost TONS of information on it, had to restore it..and still no new upgrade... I depend on my device quite a bit (my second brain)! 

From the get-go I've been off kilter- And so, it is time to sit quietly, breathe deeply, and look into God's word.  I need refreshment!

I got out my Bible reading for today-  It starts with a passage in Isaiah 30...  As I read through, verses catch my attention:

15 '...In quietness and confidence is your strength.'  ....

18-'But the LORD still waits for you to come to him so he can show you his love and compassion.  For the LORD is a faithful God.  Blessed are those who wait for him to help them..'

....33:2 "But LORD, be merciful to us, for we have waited for you.  Be our strength each day and our salvation in times of trouble."

How's your day going?  Need strength, salvarion..... be confident in God, fear Him, call out to Him, wait on Him, be still/quiet... He will come to your aid! 

Circumstances may not always change- but you will be refreshed, and have the satisfaction of placing your confidence in the One Worthy of Trust~

Bless you!

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