Friday, November 8, 2013

Pumpkin Pie

A quick post- as my Lyme Battle Buddy Vickie wondered about a pumpkin pie recipe- 
Here is the one I played with last year-  you can adjust to your own needs- 
(like no sugar for me - I'll use Stevia, and coconut mild instead of evap milk...)
I will include the crust- although it is off limits for me- it sure sounds good.  I made it without the crust last year- just oiled the pie plate- and it was good :)

Basically-  play with this:  Cynthia's Pumpkin Pie
3/4 Stevia (one that portion ratio to sugar in a recipe is 1:1),

1 tsp grnd cinnamon,

1/2tsp salt,

1/2tsp ginger,

1/4 tsp clove,

2 large eggs,

1c pumpkin,

1c evap milk (or use coconut milk)- 

pour into a 9inch pan, 

bake at 425 degrees in over for 15 minutes and then lower temp to 350 and back another 40-50 minutes... or til done  
(Yes, this is a very basic recipe!)

If you want an expanded, different recipe for pumpkin pie and all sorts of other goodies- checkout this site:
Use their search engine for all sorts of good recipes to play with.... As Lyme Fighters know- 'one size/recipe does not fit all'~ 

Have a blessed November!   Don't forget to thank a Veteran on the 11th!  And remember- you too can have some special foods to look foward to at Thanksgiving-- start now to look at recipes and plan for your own new favorites! 


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