Tuesday, July 20, 2021


Plate Theory© -  by Cynthia Dainsberg, Sparrow Song Health Resources

First, a nod to Christine Miserandino, who came up with the Spoon Theory/Spoonies- to help communicate what it is like to live ‘energy challenged’.

 I’d like to take this table top talk explanation a step further- and explain my Plate Theory.

You’ve heard the old adage of having a lot on our plate- but, I’d like to submit, our ‘plates’ can be of different sizes, and so affect our perception, our view, our abilities, our resources…

Here, I have pictures of some different sized plates, all with the same kind, and number of fruit.

Depending on where you are at in your ‘energy journey’- one of these plates could represent your overall physical plate of energy, as well as your mental plate of energy.

As you can see, when our Energy Plate is small- even a few things will fully occupy our physical energies, and mental energies.  Whereas, someone else, who may have a Larger Plate, may not understand what someone, who has a Small Plate, may be experiencing.

The Larger Plate Person will see the same fruit, relative to their own plate- and often even miss perceiving that the other person’s Plate is Smaller. 

Look at the pictures.

Look from the Largest plate- to the smallest plate- can you not only see how the ‘free space’ on the plates lessen, but also perceive the increased burden of the fruit- the smaller the plate.  The fruit takes up almost all of the small plate.

The Small Plate is weighted; the fruit is in delicate balance, to stay on the plate. The fruit almost completely covers the Small Plate; it would be difficult to even see where any more fruit could be added.

With the Smaller the Plate- the more the person is experiencing the weight, and balance of what is on their plate.  And with this- one’s perspective can hardly allow body and mental space to even entertain anything more that might be placed on the plate- no matter if what is available to the plate is even fun. 

Too much, is too much, for any plate, but particularly for those living with a Small Plate.

What size is your Plate? 

Some of our Plate Sizes remain consistent, some of our Plate Size’s may change throughout the day. 

If you are a Caregiver-  what size is your Plate?  What size Plate is your Care Receiver experiencing. 

Again- The Plate Theory can help us not only explain our present physical capacities, but can be used to explain our present mental capacities as well.


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~ cynthia dainsberg, Sparrow Song Health Resources, Inc   (c)2021

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