Friday, August 31, 2012

Freedom through Dependence

Rife under the 'Blue Moon' today-  Guess I don't get to do that again until 2015?!  :)

Good chance of getting an extra punch from treatment though- or a triple whammy; full moon + one new frequency + changed up order of those I am already doing.  Yep- got my herx-helping tools ready, and the family warned!  :)

So, I was praying through the Rife treatment, and then had the blessing of sitting out on the front porch to do my devotions.  Nice breeze, sunshine, blue sky, green grass (we are fortunate to have had a little rain here), watching the animals, listening to the nature singing.. Thankful to have the moment to breath in the life around me...while the Breath of Life spoke to my heart, mind and soul~

The LORD continues to impress into me, my dependence on Him.  This is not new- but in His lovingkindness, He continues to bring me into an ever deepenly awareness of my need for Him, my dependence on Him- for everything!

I was contemplating how this wars with my independent-driven flesh.  I am not talking about the type of indepence that is of great value socially in our country- this is indeed important to our society fabric, and spurs many good things.

The flesh kind of independence is actually driven by Pride.  Oh yes, Pride likes to always be in the driver's seat, with control over all the 'controls' and direction.....I first need to recognize Pride, remove Pride...and invite the LORD to be in the driver's seat!   A cool thing is that, I don't even have to sweep off the seat or get the whole thing cleaned up before He'll settle gently into the spot! 

He is so gracious and full of mercy- He is lovingkindness. And the more I know these aspects of His being- the more easy it is for me to set Pride out, and invite/allow the LORD in.

Even though there can be some struggling on my part in the process- once the LORD is fully allowed His place in the Driver's seat of my life-  I am free!.   I am no longer hanging onto to the handle with my fingernails digging in...less and less I am reminding Him of the obstacles, percieved perils, the direction...

More and more I am able to sit with my Roadmap and Manual (all in one volume called the Bible), and enjoy the direction He has chosen for me.  Soaking in where He brings me, meeting new people, opportunities- most of which I'd missed if I'd chosen my way. 

He appoints the stops for me and gives me instructions at each.  We talk with each other as we go along- He ever the Teacher, me ever the learner.  This is not helpless-dependency- this is empowering!

May today find you delighting in being in the passenger seat, with the Master Driver.   At the moment, you may be on a very rough, even treacherous roadway-- even more reason to be thankful the One Driving is the One who has been on this road before...He knows the way...Depend on Him, Hope in Him, listen to what He has to share with you..... find freedom in Him.

Proverbs 3:5-6 'Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take."


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