Thursday, August 9, 2012


I'd been sick for so long.

None of the doctors/specialists were listening to me.

Most would say, "Nothing is wrong" and perhaps offer an antidepressant Rx.

People would tell me, "You look fine."

I felt like I was dying.

"Something is wrong with my brain...and my heart...and my endocrine system...and my digestive tract... I hurt..."

Finally, a doctor suggested I might have Lyme Disease.  My husband and I thought not, but were so glad about how thorough this doctor was- and that he believed me.  "Go ahead and run the tests", we said... That began my journey into Lyme.

The diagnosis, mostly made with the Art of Medicine, and punctuated by the Science of Medicine, was:  Late-Stage Neuroborreliosis + Co-Infections (5).  The buggers were entrenched systemically, and were many.

Little did I know that when my physician told me "It'll get worse before it gets better- trust me", that he was understating what I'd experience in the days ahead. 

At first the dizziness from the combo abx was pretty severe, but livable.  The the first Herxheimer-like ( Herx) hit-  I felt so rotten, but got through it...  Trust the doctor...

The next Herx hit about two-weeks into treatment (tx)- this one was severe enough that my husband drove me to the ER.  I not only felt like I'd been hit by a Mack-truck-- but the pressure on my chest, difficulty breathing...the panic feeling/fear...I was thankful when it all calmed down..and that was when I dug-in and learned more Lyme, and about these "herxes"...I was in for many  more... 

I was basically homebound for about the first 5 months- just too weak and sick to go out...and when I did go out, it wasn't for long, and not alone. 

On top of all my other protoccols- I was also using a Rife protoccol which ran 6-8 hrs/day, 5days a week--  by the herxing, it was helping...but I was getting so weak too...

I celebrated getting off the combo abx after about 7 months!  But to this day- I remain vigilant on my other treatments/protoccol.  (Using a different Rife machine now- once/week and frequency runs at this time total about 45min).

The reason I decided to begin this Blog wasn't so much about offering advice about Lyme and Lyme treatments- as it is about sharing with you my spiritual journey through all this.  Many times it is the Truths I have learned/am learning that give me hope/purpose/strength/peace... and those are the most valuable- 

For no matter whether ill or healthy- those Truths are valuable...

They have kept me going~ and let's face it, no matter where you may be at in your journey fighting Lyme, we need courage...we need en-couragement... for it is a long process, with many twists-n-turns, ups-n-downs- and all-arounds..

We not only battle Lyme- but all that comes with it: financial burdens, loneliness, fear, depression, anxiety; the weight of sorting out information- finding Lyme Literate Medical Professionals, sorting out treatment, managing treatment; not to mention dealing with all the affects on us physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially....our families... 

I invite you to walk the journey with me- hopefully you will find encouragement along the way, and perhaps you may want to share a point of encouragement here with me and others.  This can become a safe place to come to hear some Good News- and God knows how desperately we need that~

For now- that is my basic introduction.  In Blogs to come, I will begin to share Truths that I pray will become a blessing to you~ 


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