Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lyme Twist I

I haven't gotten to post in a bit.  Not that you haven't been on my mind, and in my heart!  Just a number of extra things thrown into my days- and I am trying to be disciplined in keeping up with my protocol, and my family needs...

The other day I was reading in Romans, Chapter 9.  A lot of heady things in Romans.  A couple of things stuck out to me-

One was Paul explaining history, and answering questions his audience had- with the  response/theme of God's mercy-  and how He chooses on whom to show His mercy and compassion.  Of course, His showing mercy and compassion are first according to His glory.  But late in the chapter we learn another factor He considers-

Paul admonishes those who historically sought righteousness (a right standing) before God according to their good works, missing the mark. Even in Old Testament times, where God's people were 'under the law'- the key element was not the 'dos and don'ts'- but that God was searching out for hearts that were after His own heart; those people who, by faith, believed in Him.

When the the thief, called Lyme, comes calling- we may find exposed, an unknown reliance on our works...into which we've place our identity, value....perhaps even our salvation. 

Thankfully- as a Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, by placing our faith in Christ- we have now a new identity: a Child of God.  We have value: we've been adopted into His kingdom, we was willing to lay His life down for us...  We have salvation: not because of anything we have done good/right, but because He was willing to go to the cross, to die and rise again- to make a way for us to be right with God.

I repeat myself a lot, and you may find a number of similar posts.  Part of it is because of the Lyme damage to my brain- Part of it is because these are recurring biblical themes (biblical way of saying 'this is importatn')... but mostly I am sharing these recurring themes because I need to be reminded of them regularly, at least to some degree and portion. 

I go back to His mercy.  His compassion.  In fact- He is Mercy, He is Compassion.  May these aspects of His Personhood penetrate deeply into your soul today Beloved. 


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