Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Seems I use the word 'meanwhile' quite often.

I catch myself saying it, writing it...

Meanwhile, in the meantime-  Seems much of life is lived 'in the meantime'.  Or the 'in the betweens'.

My children have experienced a lot of 'betweens' which leads to much 'in the meantime'.   For them it is most related to their ages: too young for this, too old for that; enough money for this, but not enough for that; work hours enough for this, but not enough for that...

With Lyme, there is a lot of 'in the meantime'.  We start this treatment, wait for that lab result, start this new routine, wait for the doctor to get back to us... 

What do we do with our 'meantime'?  Are they simply lost days of obscurity, energy only spent in the angst of waiting? 

It is my experience that the 'meantime' actually makes up the 'most time' of my life.

So what am I doing with this meantime I am given?

Do I spend it dreaming of 'if onlys', 'when I's', 'I will when'...in essence, waiting for my life to begin 'when such and such, is such and such'.  Meanwhile- the hours and days slip from my grasp.

Life is happening right now- whethere I feel a part of it or not, it is happening.  Even though Lyme can cause so much a sense of helplessness, victimness, powerlessness, isolation...  my life continues to go on.

We watch others rush about, seemingly unawares of the fargility of life.  How carefree they appear- coming and going as they please, doing what they please, eating what they please, needing to sleep so very little in comparison to us... 

What kind of 'life' do we have?  A valuable one.

In our own "meanwhile"- we are learning great things: patience, compassion, self-disciplin, courage, what it means to be whole-hearted...

Instead of langishing away in our precious "meanwhile/meantime" on what ifs and when I's... lets make the best use of this time-  Let's go to our Teacher (Jesus), and ask Him to teach us, to show us..

Let's allow His Word to 'dwell richly' in us.  We may not be able to lead a life of physical/mental fast pace.  But we do have the opportunity to delve into riches unimagineable, ones of eternal value...  He has called us to this special academy.  He has called us aside to Teach us of His Mysteries- so share with us His riches.

No matter what lies ahead- I want to make my 'meanwhile' count.  To spent less time fretting about 'what will come'- and put that energy into meditating on His Word, sitting at the foot of the Teacher- living today, making the most of my meanwhile. 

I will let Him determine my 'what ifs' and 'whens'- and by staying in the 'here and now meanwhile' with Him- I will be best prepared for whatever He has planned.  (In my experience, it is usually something more than I could have imagined in the first place!)


Blessings as you wait upon the LORD~

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