Tuesday, March 12, 2013


A few days ago, I read this entry in Morning & Evening by Spurgeon:
"Man . . . is of few days, and full of trouble." --Job 14:1

It may be of great service to us, before we fall asleep, to remember this mournful fact, for it may lead us to set loose by earthly things. There is nothing very pleasant in the recollection that we are not above the shafts of adversity, but it may humble us and prevent our boasting like the Psalmist in our morning's portion.

 "My mountain standeth firm: I shall never be moved." It may stay us from taking too deep root in this soil from which we are so soon to be transplanted into the heavenly garden. Let us recollect the frail tenure upon which we hold our temporal mercies. If we would remember that all the trees of earth are marked for the woodman's axe, we should not be so ready to build our nests in them.

We should love, but we should love with the love which expects death, and which reckons upon separations. Our dear relations are but loaned to us, and the hour when we must return them to the lender's hand may be even at the door. The like is certainly true of our worldly goods. Do not riches take to themselves wings and fly away?

Our health is equally precarious. Frail flowers of the field, we must not reckon upon blooming for ever. There is a time appointed for weakness and sickness, when we shall have to glorify God by suffering, and not by earnest activity. There is no single point in which we can hope to escape from the sharp arrows of affliction; out of our few days there is not one secure from sorrow.

Man's life is a cask full of bitter wine; he who looks for joy in it had better seek for honey in an ocean of brine. Beloved reader, set not your affections upon things of earth: but seek those things which are above, for here the moth devoureth, and the thief breaketh through, but there all joys are perpetual and eternal. The path of trouble is the way home. Lord, make this thought a pillow for many a weary head!

What a challenge!  Oh dear- but Lyme Fighters live quite a bit with these life-tensions, many a day in a 'cask full of bitter wine'.  And yes- trying to find 'honey in an ocean of brine' seems impossible, futile...we wonder if there is any honey even sweet enough to keep searching for it!

Beloved- there is such honey.  It is sweet and nourishing- so much so, that even the smallest morsel is satisfying to our very being- our whole being.  The delights may not come often, or in large amounts- they may be hidden in the shroud of 'every day events'-- but they are there. 

To find them, we must continually be tuned in to the LORD- petitioning Him to reveal Himself to us this day- give us ears to hear, eyes to see His presence, His beauty...

And once seen or heard- may the delight we have return to Him as praise, glory and honor- to His delight. 

Today Beloved- may the LORD's presence be your delight as you seek Him-

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart.

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