Thursday, March 21, 2013

Compassion & Our Treasures

I've been away from this Blog, but not away from thinking of you. 

My life got more full, and I was herxing.  I change up my Rife treatment every so often- and I must've really gotten into a new layer of buggers!  Which is good, it's just it lays me out for awhile! 

And- with what energy I have to do life- I'm also working on wedding plans for one of our daughters, whose wedding is in about a month and a half! 

And- I've unexpectedly become an author!  It was nothing I sought out as  a whole- but it gained it's own legs; a Lyme pal sent it in to a publisher...another friend underwrote publishing costs-  and here it is now available for purchase. 

I am in wonder!  At how this has come about- and about how it will go forward.  I give it to the LORD, it is His do as He pleases.. My prayer is that it will bring an extra measure of Hope, Comfort, and help in navigating through Lyme treatments. 

Being an author, I have found, to be an awkward task.  Surely whatever is good in this project comes from His hand~

Although I've not been writing- I have been studying the Word... Mostly camping out in the book of Matthew- studying the Teacher, His ways.... I was challenged by a preacher to not only pay attention to these accounts in looking at Jesus' deity- but also His humanity...For Our God is a High Priest who understands our humanity-  Oh praise Him!

Throughout the early part of Matthew, and Jesus' ministry- I have been struck by His Compassion.  To me that has been the overriding theme.  His Compassion- and how He dealt with individuals.  I've particularly noted this in the records of healing-- commonalities I noted are that He dealt individually with the individual- and yet, the encounter benefited those around them (and us yet today). 

Each was a different need, a different response- but Jesus was always a Compassionate, Present, help.  And, in the healings- it was always first to glorify the LORD according to His will; and to build up/encourage the Believers....and as a witness to the unbelieving. 

Of course- I balance the accounts of healing with knowing none of these people are alive on earth today.  Each did pass from this life to the next.  They experienced temporary healing on this earth, and THE healing of healing when they were set free to be with the Lord in Heaven. 

So, will I be healed?  I dont' know about on this earth- I do not know His will; I do know He has the power to do that if He wills it... But, He may choose that I serve Him through weakness, and my healing will be when I enter Heaven some day..  I do not choose to spend a lot of energy speculating and fretting on this.  He knows I would like to be healed. 

But it is all the more important to Him how I live whatever life, kind of life, He has given me.  And if the circumstances I am in drive me all the more to seek His face- maybe it's not so bad?

I've been in Matthew 12 this past week...verses 33-45 today-   I was struck in the first of this selection to self examine what treasures I am holding onto in my heart.  Without a lot of energy to mask things- those 'treasures' are all the more easily uncovered when I open my mouth.  Sadly, there is still plenty of self/flesh in there. 

What I want, how I think things should be, what I think is right/fair, how things should go according to me....Regularly I need to check the vault in my heart to see what needs to be discarded, cleaned-- and to invite that space be taken up more and more by the Holy Spirit (especially after studying again Mtt 12:43-45)!

Well my Beloved- May today you know the Compassion of our Lord Jesus as reality. May you sense His seeing you, touching you, in some particular ways- that you may be encouraged that Our God knows what you are experiencing at the core of your being- and that He desires to meet with you, to heal you in some manner today...For He operates dimensionally and wholly with us.


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