Monday, April 22, 2013

Carb Splurge!

Most of us battling Lyme need to be careful with our carbohydrate intake.  (Which for me has been difficult!) 

Recently I came up with a tasty carb splurge: Sweet Potato Oven Fries!  Even my non-Lyme family members will eat these with me! 

If you are not well enough to do all these steps in the recipe- perhaps you can ask a family member or friend to do it with you-  People are generally happy to help when it comes to food- and there is something special about sharing in the preparation... 

Can you think of someone who has offered to help you- but you never seem to know what to ask them to help you with?-  Well- here it is!  :)

Take however many Sweet Potatoes you need ( like one per person), wash the potato well.
With skin on-  cut the potatoes into slices or cut Julienne style ( I will cut each potato into half, or thirds; then slice that piece through in half or thirds, depending on its thickness- then cut into 'fries' sizes..)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Place the 'fries' into a glass baking pan (9x13)....

Over the fries- pour either olive oil or coconut oil (coconut oil does better in the higher heat and adds additional nutritional value)- figure about 1TBSP per potato of oil

Toss the fries in the oil, until the fries are generally coated with the oil (add more oil if needed, but not so much that the oil is standing up in the pan...

Lightly sprinkle the fries with salt & pepper ( sea salt, or seasoning salt...can use coarse pepper, mix of peppers...)

Place pan with fries into oven

Set timer for about 10 minutes.

Take our pan of fries after about 10 minutes- and toss the fries again, and again you may lightly salt & pepper.

Place pan of fries back into oven for another 10 minutes- check for doneness- a fork will easily go into a fry.

Now- continue to bake according to your preference- the longer= the crispier... 

Once done- let cool slightly before serving.
ENJOY!  :) 

It is hard to find foods that  I can/should eat, that my family will actually enjoy with me- So I am always excited to discover something we can enjoy together!  :) 

There is something so special about sharing a meal together.  Today- perhaps a fun Bible study would be to look up the references in the Bible to meals shared.  A great tool is the search engine at   Start with Acts 2:45-47... you can use the topic search... meal, supper, feast, food....

Let me know how if you like the recipe!

Blessings- May your heart, soul, mind, and body be nourished today~

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