Thursday, May 23, 2013


I'm recovering from the wedding activities.  Still the 'after math' things to do...but no urgency on those now!  Course, there is the list of ATW (after the wedding)  things that have piled up. And, keep at protocols/rest....

On top of those, another one of my teeth broke the week before the wedding.  Today I went to a new dentist (new to me).  Needing to find a dentist closer to home, as my other dentist of many years, is an hour-and-a-half away. 

Got in the office, which happened to be in a very cute older home.  After only about five minutes in the waiting room, I could feel the mold in the room.  Oh well- sometimes, you know, you just get tired of it all- and you think you'll just wait and see how it goes.. 

Well, I was really feeling it by the time the dentist was done with his look-over.  Didn't help that the vent was blowing directly on me at this point.  Basically, after looking me over, and looking at my medical records- he was telling me I could wait to have the work done....he'd be willing to do it, but if I wanted to go somewhere else, he'd be okay with that.   Hhmmm.

Figuring we were being honest here- I took the risk of alerting him to the mold in his office and that there were some simple ways he could deal with the issue- for the good of his staff and patients.  He immediately acknowledged the mold issue, and how it doesn't bother him...if it bothers me, perhaps I should look for another office (for my benefit).  Hhmmm...  so I paid my bill, and left, with nothing. 

More money out for 'nothing'...more money to out to do more, some time.... More risks/benefits to consider... 

Typical day for a Lyme Fighter.

Another day of feeling judged, misunderstood. 

But, my God knows.  I will seek Him for further direction.  He is holding me today- and ordering my footsteps- even if it doesn't make sense to me.  He is my Redeemer- 

I've been learning so much the past couple weeks!  I am excited to share more about some things the Lord has been teaching me!  Just need a little more process time-  but then, I'll be posting more.

May the Lord's nearness and care be a balm to you today! 


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