Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dying to Live

Die to self-  it isn’t as much about those things which make us unique in personhood- as much as it is allowing the LORD to continue to wash out the sin stains in our heart (sanctification) and for us to continually submit to His revealed will for us in Scripture…  (basically thing that are opposed to the Fruit of the Spirit described in Galatians 5:22-23)

Each disciple/apostle, in surrender to Christ, did not lose their unique personality/personhood, but rather their unique personhood was being perfected and completed in their submission to the LORD unto their:  a) cleansing of sin   b) salvation   c) sanctification   d) submission to the will of God   e) calling

By setting our hearts and minds on Him, toward Him- and opening, and submitting, our hearts and minds to His work through the Holy Spirità transformation takes place. 

Instead of concerning self with ‘outcomes, activities…’, we must continue to first seek Him, to know Him; allowing Him to do His work in our hearts (wean us, Psalm 131).  It is paramount to pay attention in the process within our relationship to Him and concern ourselves foremost with this.  The LORD will take care of the business of life.

Not to say we halt engaging the world as this process progresses, but as we do- we must allow the Holy Spirit to reset our heart’s and mind’s responsive default system which has been hair-triggered to the world’s stimuli. 

Instead of a default setting on hurt, may it be on Him.  Instead of a response default setting on

 anger-> love,



 lies-> truth, 

harshness-> grace,


self-righteousness->His righteousness,

 my way-> His way,

 revenge-> His vengeance,

tearing others down->humility,

 self-loathing (pride)-> humility,

 speaking out->quietness,

 fear-> His security,

 anxiousness-> His peace,

 hate-> His Love,

pride-> His glory


I don’t know about you- but there are plenty more default settings in my heart that are in need of the Chief Engineers work.  I’m sure I can add to this list- perhaps you can also (or make up your own).  It helps me though to list them out on paper…to see them more clearly, it helps me to more concretely give them over to the LORD. 

Yes, salvation comes in that moment of complete surrender to Christ as Saviour and Lord; sanctification is ongoing until that day He brings us before His throne and completes us.  Meanwhile, we are getting ready.

 May His work be so begun in our lives that others may be encouraged, and most of all- may God be glorified.  (Romans 8:28)

PS-  tip:  Instead of those perfume/chemical laden dryer sheets- I've been using a crumpled ball of aluminum foil (I have an electric dryer).  It works great to soften AND to rid clothes of static kling!

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