Friday, November 23, 2012


We had a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner at our one daughter's boyfriend's parents' house. (wow- try to say that fast three times!) 

The Hostess had bounty of delights, served with warmth and generosity!  The table was packed with delightful delicacies-  Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, home-pickled red-hot cucumbers, olives, homemade rolls, Swedish Hardtack, baked yams in brown sugar, greenbean casserole, jello-fruit-whipping cream salad..pies for dessert... OH MY!  It was wonderful!

And yes- knowing it would cause much discomfort (at the least) if I indulged in all these goodies- I brought along a treat for myself- a plain baked sweet potato, some plain red rice, and an avocado to have with my turkey!  (OK- so I confess, I did splurge and tried a small dime-sized piece of her Hardtack (it was AMAZING!  I guess the recipe uses malt in it!)

What a test of fortitude and disciplin!  I had a few comments thrown my away about my plate of food- not being the regular Thanksgiving fair--  but, the pay off was not feeling rotten from how the foods would affect me...I could stay longer at the gathering, and interact with people more. 

So really, even though I hadn't indulged in the food-pleasures before me- I was able to indulge in community with family and friends-  it was a good trade off! 

My Hostess, a new friend, seemed understanding an supportive- even allowing me to smell her wonderful vanilla spiced Earl Grey tea that I was skipping on after dinner too!  Wow- usually even my family isn't big on it when I ask to at least smell the food I can't eat- and here she offered me of whiff (it was wonderful!).  ( I was drinking some great Ginger tea- which is really only dried ginger- it is my new favorite!) 

I did find a recipe for pumpkin pie- in which you have eggs (can still get by with those), coconut milk, and Stevia...  So that was my special dessert later (Yes, I had some medicinal protein at the same time!).

During the day- I was thinking of all my other Lyme Fighter pals-  some being as I was last year: not able to get out, and still couch/bed bound much of the days...I felt an overwheming thankfulness for the privilege of having gotten to go to the friend's house with my family....  I also thought of those of my pals having to use great restraint and, as I, forge new ideas as to what Thanksgiving dinner looks like.  

For me, the 'icing on the cake' for Thanksgiving was much less about the food- and much more about being with loved ones, being to participate in community- with great Thanks to the LORD. 

I don't know how you are doing today (or how it went for you yesterday).  But know that a Sister-in-the-Journey has been thinking about you.  How strong you are to keep battling away- learning new things, learning new ways to do 'life',  learning how to rest... learning a new appreciation for the little things in life... learning how to work through loss and grief while holding onto life-lines... 

May the LORD our Mighty God, be found as your Safe Place, your Provision, your Rest, your Encourager, your Help.... May His lovingkindness so saturate your soul and mind- that you are not left longing for anything else- 

Psalm 145  (14-16)

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