Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Battle Buddy's Poem

This evening, a fb friend of mine posted a wonderful poem she wrote awhile back-  I think many of us can relate, and she has done a nice job of putting it into expression- 
I hope it blesses you~ 


I asked the Lord one night before bed
As a million questions poured through my head
"This pain I'm having to endure --
When will it cease? I can handle no more."

"This tunnel you're making me travel through
It's dark and scary; what can I do?
A beacon of light I do not see
At the end of the path you've laid for me."

I've finished my prayer and wait for a reply
But I hear no answer, and I start to cry
I wonder if He even hears my plea
Does He really care for a lost lamb like me?

Then suddenly, I sense He's here
As I hear Him whisper into my ear,
"This tunnel I'm making you travel through -
It seems dark and scary; but I know what to do."

"This beacon of light you do not see
Is right beside you; It is me.
So take my hand and I'll show you the way
From this treacherous night into light of day."

As I ponder His words, I am filled with sweet peace
My Lord is with me; I can rest with ease
So taking His hand, I follow His light
And my Shepherd guides me through the night.
~Kimberly Averitt Popov, 2004  (c)

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