Thursday, August 1, 2013

Are You Having Fun this Summer?

I have to admit, I was taken back a bit when my primary physician asked me if I was having fun this summer.   But even more, I surprised myself with my answer, "Yes!"

My doctor's context was in the realm of something called 'summer vacation', as in- going places, doing things...away.  In my reply, I included, "I've learned that I don't have to leave the house, or take much time to take a mini-vacation without leaving home."

Another gift of Lyme.

Not that I wouldn't enjoy being at a point that physically, and economically I could 'go on vacation'.  It sounds like fun, and I enjoy celebrating with my friends who do get to do this as I watch their adventures unfold as they post vacation pictures... 

I don't remember our last vacation- away.  Must've been about four years ago, or more....

But, part of of personal resilience protocol has been to learn the art of taking a mini-vacation while right at home. 

This can be done in any number of ways~  perhaps by:
-listening to a favorite song/album, light a couple candles (not scented ones for me), pour up a glass of Perrier, and enjoy the concert.

- putting on an audio stream of outdoor/nature sounds, lying down with my eyes closed- picturing myself in an outdoor setting (maybe even put a low fan on, just to add a breeze)

- in warmer weather, I go out to sit on the porch- look at the nature around me (I'm blessed to live in the country)-  I am quite entertained by the dragonflies and hummingbirds dancing in space, the colors of the sky changing as evening draws on, looking at my garden (a few potted plants)..

- writing a simple card to someone to thank them for being who they are- something specific I appreciate about them

- when you have to lie down and rest, how about getting out that beach towel in the back of the closet, set that down to lie on, put on a little summertime music (to what degree you can handle volume/sound), or maybe play an audio of sea gulls..

None of these may sound fun to you-  but you get the idea.  

Fun is a state of mind.

It's maybe been a long time since you've entertained the idea of fun in your mind.  I do so understand that!  Much of our day is spent just trying to SURVIVE.

But, I want to encourage you, for resilience sake, to begin to think about ways you can incorporate a little fun into your day.  It is actually a choice you can still make-  it's just been pushed to the back of your mind for so long, or maybe you need to contemplate redefining fun... Whichever, I encourage you to see what you can come up with, that is doable for you- and incorporate it into your day. 

I'd enjoy hearing from you about the mini-vacations you discover!

(Below, I added a couple pics I took of the clouds today-  they are perfect for imagining what the shapes may look like!  Antother mini vacation idea!)

In a way- it can also be a way of  taking a sabbath.  For us, it is taking time to recreate from our work of survival.  I don't mean to minimize one of the Commandments, to keep the Sabbath- or to take it out of context.  But, I am saying it is an important principle for us to incorporate into our lives...

In a mini-vacation of sabbath rest, we can intentionally take that time to meditate on His Word, thank Him for who He is, concluding it by giving praise to the LORD for His care, and for the ability of being able to have that time 'away'. 

May you be inspired to have a spot of fun in your day today!


Exodus 20:11

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
11 For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day and made it holy.

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