Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Prayer for my friends in the battle~

Blessings to each of you- 

This may be a difficult Christmas for you. 

Things you wanted to do- had to be left undone.

People you wanted to see- unseen.

Things you'd wanted to do with special people in your life- not done, or so limited.

What you could do- was different than what you wanted to do...

But, Christmas came anyway.

Jesus came into this broken world-  to redeem us from the brokenness.

'LORD- thank You for the Perfect Gift of you Son Jesus.  Even though this Christmas is outwardly not what we'd expected- let not circumstances stain the essence of what there is to celebrate: Your willingness to come to us in humility, grace, mercy...love...

How great is Your love toward us.

This Christmas- I ask You to bless each of my Lyme-battle-buddies with a special touch from You...Tuck something of Your Mystery into this day that will gladden their hearts with knowing Your presence and love....something that they will have in their being long after the wrappings and gifts of this world have faded away... 

Let it be the see of joy that only comes through You; You are Hope, and with that knowledge, joy grows.

In Jesus' precious and holy name~  amen.'

Merry Christmas!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_f7jhk-IjDo   For Unto Us~ 

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