Saturday, December 1, 2012


Okay- IF I am going to fudge a little on my restrictive diet- it's gotta be satisfying, and still have some merit of goodness!

Well, I came across this site for Slow Cooker Fudge; and being I'd never made fudge before, and I like easy-  I took a look at it....I was thinking, "Hey, even if I can't eat Christmas treats anymore- I can still make some for the family to enjoy!" 

Here's the link:

I was pleased to discover it was a half-way-healthy fudge recipe!

I tweeked it some more, and it turned out great!   (and even less sugar content!)

Here's my version:

2c Dark Chocolate Chips (1TBSP=70cal, 6g sugar, 45 fat calories)
1/2 c Coconut Milk , canned (I used one without preservatives- by Native Forest, Original Coconut Milke, unsweetened; 1/2c= 200cal, 2g sugar, 20g total fat)
1/4c Stevia (could add a little more if want it sweeter)
Dash of Sea Salt

adding later- 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
Cook according to the original recipe. 

So- I limit myself to only have a tiny piece- but it is so rich and good!   It tastes a lot like a hot-fudge ice cream topping.  I think it is all the more rich tasting because I have so very little of anything sweet these days! 

Of course, if you decide to indulge in this tastey treat- do so with great caution, and reserve- and be sure  that you eat it in combination with having had a good helping of a quality protein source  to help keep your blood sugar level more stable.  

It is a TREAT after all!  

Keep strong this Holyday season!   It is all the more difficult with so many sweet  and bread treats abounding!  But, be your creative self- or ask one of your creative friends , to come up with some nummy alternatives! 

Let's look at it not as staring into more  "No-nos"- but instead look with wide-eyed excitement and curiousity as to discovering new recipes to enjoy....

Afterall, this holyday season isn't about the cookies- it is about Christ!  :)   And He is the One Who Truly Satisfies anyway! 


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