Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Songs for the Season...

The LORD has been teaching me about 'seasons'. 

I used to operate with a 'straight ahead' mentality... and was disappointed often.  I falsely believed that if I just did the right things, in the right way, headed my way- things would go fine.

Well, life happens- and the LORD reminds me that what matters is: His way.  And to live according to His way...not what my own mind has decided is 'right and good'...

Lyme can throw you off life's track in so many ways.   Certainly heading you down a road you did not want to find yourself on. 

Dependency is especially hard- as much of what we usually have done for ourselves, can be overwhelming.... days upon days can be filled with despairing as to whether or not we can ever get back to 'normal'...

I have been finding it eas-ier to approach the life challenges by keeping 'season' in my mindset. 

The area in which I live has four seasons.  I love the change of seasons- there is something to enjoy in each new season, and each new year of seasons.  And before I know it- one has passed into another. 

Lyme is for a season ... and even when it hangs on through many calendar seasons, in and of itself there are new seasons....and in each, a new lesson to learn about the LORD, about life, about the people around us...                                                  

This time of year reminds us to Wonder, as a child does, about this Great God of ours-  who in Mystery has come to know us, to be our Saviour, and High Priest who interceedes on our behalf. 

May through the challenges, pain, discouragement... Lyme may be bringing you this season...the Light of the World shine through it all and touch you heart/soul with His presence...bringin a new song, a new joy, a new wonder to you~        


Here are some seasonal song links you may enjoy- (some not so traditional, some traditional) :)



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