Friday, June 14, 2013

23 Months

I'm 23 months into treatment for Late-Stage Neuroborreliosis + 5 Co-Infections. 

And, a couple days ago- I 'saw color'.  

It's been emerging from at first, the bleak-blackness of this moved to shades of waxing-and-waning grey... and then some color started to press through here and there... 

But I was most struck by the intensity of color in my life again emerging more consistantly when I was making a stop at a local chain craft store.  Not only had I the joy of actually driving myself there- but when I walked into the store- I was shocked by colors!  (But not overwhelmed!) 

A few times over the course of the past couple years, I'd been into the store- but all energy focused on getting that one item, as quickly and carefully as possible.

This time my mission again was to get a single item (yes- on sale at 50% off!)...but I discovered that this time-  my senses where more open to accepting the colors and array of items all around the store, and- my energy at that moment was allowing me to actually walk the aisles (albeit, it wasn't a hug store, but you know it doesn't have to be a big store to be draining!)

Oh my- patterns, colors, do-dads, notions, fabrics, ideas... and people- simply going about life, seemingly without care...they seemed there because they were on a routine visit to get materials to work on crafts, get this- just for fun! 

It was breathtaking.   I wanted to shout to them all- 'do you have ANY idea how wonderful it is to be here!  To be able to take this all in!   To have the abilities and resources to make things from all these options!  Just to stand there, or to be able to push that little cart around the store?!'  

Why, I thought everyone there should actually be wearing party hats if they understood how incredible it is to be shopping at this place!  (Being able to shop any place, for any time, is cause for celebration in my world.)

I was at a Lyme Support Group meeting last night-  I shared about 'color beginning to return to my life'-  they got it.  Those that are along the road a bit farther than I...and for those back a few steps from him, I hoped it was an encouragement...  

Same with driving--  I actually drove myself to this meeting.  WOW!  Yep- drove myself there and back!  I believe it was my longest, driving myself, road trip I've been on in years! 

Now- I hesistate to share too-  in that some of you reading this may still be in that dark, no color, stage...please- know that I understand your pain.  But, my wish is that you will take encouragement in keeping at all of your protocols- don't give up, hang in there~  color is out there, and it can come back into your world too. 

In the meantime, bring color to your day- don't push it aside, but where you can find it- embrace it, soak it in.  For me, it was literally one color shade I would take in, enjoy-- usually from a magazine page....just to help me see through the black/grey... it was therapeutic~ 

Above all Dear One-  may the Light of the World, Our Lord Jesus Christ- bring Light to your soul...even when things look dark- there is color  (in fact the color black, is black because ALL of the colors are being reflected at one time-  the colors are there).  Let His light begin to break into that darkness, and illumine colorful shades to your soul, to your life today. 

So, what is the 'color of the day' for you?  Feel free to share it here~
Today-  'robins egg blue' comes to mind for me~

May the Creator of Light and Color, bring both into your day~


John 8:12
 Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”

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