Friday, June 28, 2013


Life is such a roller coaster. 

Some are on continuous 'wild rides' with more frequent swooping ups and downs; others more a more 'hilly' ride; few have coastings with only a bump now and then. 

We are on a series of large hills, with swoops thrown in fairly regularly. 

My dad's emergent situation has improved, now we are addressing underlying issues.  Every day the plan changes, the outlook changes--- swings, swoops...

Most of you reading this know well about riding roller coaster lives. 

I am all the more thankful for my God- the One Who Does Not Change, the One Who Is a Firm Foundation. 

Yesterday, a friend sent me this Scripture:
I lift up my eyes to the hills
From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord
Who made heave and earth
God will not let your foot be moved,
The One who keeps you will NOT slumber
The Lord is your keeper;
The Lord is your shade at your right hand
The Lord will keep
Your going out and your coming in
From Psalm 121

I especially like "The Lord is your keeper.... The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in...

And, this morning,  today's devotional from Spurgeon's Morning and Evening.  May it minister to you as it did to me-  Indeed, my hope is built on nothing less~ :
"Looking unto Jesus." --Hebrews 12:2

It is ever the Holy Spirit's work to turn our eyes away from self to Jesus; but Satan's work is just the opposite of this, for he is constantly trying to make us regard ourselves instead of Christ.

 He insinuates, "Your sins are too great for pardon; you have no faith; you do not repent enough; you will never be able to continue to the end; you have not the joy of His children; you have such a wavering hold of Jesus."

All these are thoughts about self, and we shall never find comfort or assurance by looking within. But the Holy Spirit turns our eyes entirely away from self: He tells us that we are nothing, but that "Christ is all in all."

Remember, therefore, it is not thy hold of Christ that saves thee--it is Christ; it is not thy joy in Christ that saves thee--it is Christ; it is not even faith in Christ, though that be the instrument--it is Christ's blood and merits;

therefore, look not so much to thy hand with which thou art grasping Christ, as to Christ; look not to thy hope, but to Jesus, the source of thy hope; look not to thy faith, but to Jesus, the author and finisher of thy faith.

We shall never find happiness by looking at our prayers, our doings, or our feelings; it is what Jesus is, not what we are, that gives rest to the soul. If we would at once overcome Satan and have peace with God, it must be by "looking unto Jesus."

Keep thine eye simply on Him; let His death, His sufferings, His merits, His glories, His intercession, be fresh upon thy mind; when thou wakest in the morning look to Him; when thou liest down at night look to Him.

Oh! let not thy hopes or fears come between thee and Jesus; follow hard after Him, and He will never fail thee.

"My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesu's blood and righteousness:
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesu's name."

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