Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I have been blessed to be a part of a small group of women who've been going through the book, and study, by Carol Kent called:  "Tame Your Fears...and Transform Them into Faith, Confidence, and Action"  (NAVPRESS)

We've been meeting over several months- in part because at this point, meeting with a group once every two weeks seemed most do-able at this point for me, and along with a co-leader, I have been leading the study.

I figure, after dealing with the fear and anxiety that Lyme can bring- it would be good for me, and hopefully beneficial to the others.  

One thing about fear I've learned- it diffuses some to just admit it, and not try to hide it. 

Now, the fear that comes with Lyme, only those with Lyme truly understand.. there may be a nugget of 'natural' fear there- but a lot of the fear we deal with is because of the infections themselves, attacking our brain...probably some bio-chemical changes as well...  These fears need to be addressed by treating the infections, and getting our biochemistry balance back!

Still- there are plenty of fears out there that are natural fears that are magnified by the consequences of Lyme:  our well-being/lives are threatened, we are isolated, we are misunderstood, we are weak, we are vulnerable.... For these- there is HOPE- and to 'treat' these- we go to the LORD.

The LORD gives us His Truth to dispel the fear-lies that come into our minds.
The LORD is Sovereign, to dispel the fears that come with not 'being in control'.
The LORD is Counselor, to dispel the fears and anxieties we wrestle with in our minds and emotions.
The LORD Watches over us, to dispel the sense of striving, and to bring good rest.
The LORD give us advice/direction, to dispel confusion.
The LORD is Hope, to dispel hopelessness.
The LORD is Perfect Love, to dispel fear.
The LORD is Grace, to dispel fears of 'never being good enough'.  (By His grace, we are saved...)
The LORD is Near, to dispel loneliness/abandonment.
The LORD is Understanding, when no one else seems to understand.

I encourage you to make your own list, and include passages you find that go with the claim-  (It'd be awesome if you'd share that list on this post in the comments, to encourage others...)

The LORD_____________________, to dispel _________________________________.

His name, the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone is enough to dispel evil ones-  His name is powerful- and if we have no other prayer than that one- it is all we need, His name! 

The devil likes to come in and pile it on- especially when things are swirling around in our minds/emotions--  if you ever feel part of the fear you are experiencing is an attack-  just pray His name- the Lord Jesus Christ, out loud-  and see what happens!

In the book, Carol Kent gives a series of steps to help walk through natural fears we experience... once we find what 'triggers' the fear...  we can:
First- identify the fear

Secondly- admit the aspects of the fear that sadden us, bring us sorrow.  And, which aspects may bring sorrow to Our Lord

Thirdly- in brokenness, humility- bring the fear, our sorrows, grievances before the Lord

Fourthly- surrender these to the LORD; confess them, give them to Him; ask His forgiveness where necessary (if you've grieved Him, sinned in any way...)

Fifthly-  Make a faith-filled decision on how you will approach that particular fear in the future, practically... and Spiritually, begin by deciding that if I say I trust in God, I choose to act in such a way that reflects my trust in Him...

Now, this is my brief explanation- I do recommend the book/study to get much more~  Depending on where you are at in your healing process- you may want to just go through it to learn more about the steps she outlines- or to soak in the Scripture verses she highlights-

or, maybe there is someone willing to go through the study with you- reading it out loud- even if a little at a time...

In the meantime "Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you, surely I will help you. Surely I will uphold you in my righteous right hand."  Isaiah 41:10 (NASB)


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