Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Foodie Idea

You, as I do, probably have multiple allergies and intolerances.  Gets tricky trying to find something to eat, let alone something tasty! 

We can have different allergies than each other- but I have found something that has been a decent meal for me, and it is quick and easy~   Perhaps the basic idea of it can be a help, even if you have to substitute because of your own allergies/intolerances...

First- I usually keep some kind of rice cooked up and on hand in the refrigerator.  Wild rice, I especially enjoy. 

In a small fry pan/sauce pan-  melt and heat coconut oil (about a tablespoon's worth, on medium heat), add one or two cracked eggs- and begin to cook them--

using a spatula-  break up the eggs, cut into pieces as they begin to cook.  Add to the eggs, about a quarter or half cup of the cooked rice-- keep stirring, chopping the eggs and rice to mix and heat thoroughly...  now you may add to it any leftover cooked veggies- or raw to heat through....

And/or, I have added cut up avocado....   I season to taste (usually salt and seasoning peppers- but you can add your own variety of seasonings..)

So that's the basics~  I think you get the idea of it- and you can play with it to make your own improvements..  Please let me know your favorites!  :) 

Even my non-Lyme husbands enjoyed this meal!  We had fresh asparagus as the veggie last evening!  and used an Indian Harvest brand rice called Kansas Medley. 

I'm so glad to be non-allergic to the Word of God- on it I may feast to my heart's content-- some passages so rich that I only need a little to satisfy me for a long time; sometimes I snack here and there; sometimes I am devouring chapters.... all at the LORDs banquet table- to which I am always welcome~  Bless Him! 

As a wise old preacher once said-  'He promised us a Banquet- not a picnic!'  :) 

Psalm 34:8
O taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!

Enjoy your time at the Banquet table of His Word today~


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